Posted by: randommisfires | July 31, 2008

Learning Curve

I’m sure it’s going to take me a while to figure out WordPress. Afterall, I’ve been using blogger for over a year and still can’t do anything “fun” with it. So, don’t plan on exciting things any time soon! Or, knowing me, probably ever.

So, let’s recap the week.

Sunday: N loses his bike

Monday: L tries to burn the garage down

Monday evening: N gets placed in a car trunk by the neighbor kids and the release handle doesn’t let him out. Luckily the kids came back or right now, I would be short a son

Tuesday: Weird stalker makes threats against me, my children, and my grandchildren (who don’t actually exist yet)

Wednesday: spent 2 hours filing out paperwork for a restraining order, only to be told I have to come back today to finish filing. And oh yeah, that will cost $335.

This may just be the most exciting week of my life. Not that it’s the good kind of excitement. . .



  1. Wow, your new home is beautiful!

    I hope this gets you far, far, far away from all nasty business. At least in this one area of your life.

  2. I actually like wordpress better than blogger. But since I started with blogger I’m staying with blogger.

  3. WordPress works pretty well. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble figuring it out.

    The other stuff sounds like it sucks, though. Good luck with all that.

  4. so happy to see you posting again….all is well all is well…smile, be happy…

    Soon, you will have wordpress figgered out enough to post entertaining and educational messages just like always….heavy on the entertaining….

    Love ya kiddo

  5. You have to pay to get a restraining order?!??! Are you kidding?!?!?!

    *sheesh* So unfair.

    Hopefully your new home will bring you a bit of peace.

  6. You say no stalking you?! Oh well, there went my weekend plans…

  7. i have only made like that much in my life… maybe more but i spent most of it:) who is L btw?

  8. you moved????? since when???

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